Kristine + James

We spent Kristine & James's engagement session recreating their magical first date together in Downtown Houston. 

Our first stop was Birraporetti's, where they started their date with drinks and their first ever kiss, which they reenacted ever so sweetly.

After Birraporetti's, James had taken Kristine to La Carafe, where they had danced their first dance. Even though there was no music playing when we made our stop in at the historic bar, James twirled Kristine around to the music that was playing in their hearts. I was actually tearing up behind my camera at this point. It was so romantic.

On their date, they had dinner at Sambuca, so we went ahead and swung by there as well.

Kristine & James also visited the Virtouso Sculpture on their first date and have made a point of always stopping by for a quick picture or video in front of it whenever they make their way to that part of town ever since. So, naturally we had to swing by during our session to recreate this memory as well :)

This was one of my favorite engagement sessions ever. I loved the story that their love for each other told, and I can't wait to document their beautiful backyard wedding in September at their private waterfront property. It is going to be spectacular!

Our love

was born


the walls,

in the wind,

in the night, 

in the earth,

and that's why

the clay and

the flower,

the mud and

the roots 

know your 


Pablo Neruda

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