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"Thank you for making me look soft, classy, and sultry at the same time"


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"They're amazing!! I love them!!

I thought I would be waaay more critical of my body... so I'm so thankful to you because your photography really brings out the beauty in women's bodies and is extremely flattering."


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"Taylor, these are amazing; thank you so much for taking my "I don't know how to be sexy" self and making it look like I actually know how to be! But really, these are incredible; everything I wanted them to be, except even better than I expected! You are so great; I had so much fun with you, and I appreciate you so much for making this a fun, relaxed experience!!

I guess this is super vain, but I can't stop looking at them! I love 'em, and I'm sure my husband will enjoy them even more than I do!

Thanks again, you are an absolute gem!"


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"I was skeptical of being able to look "sexy" and thought I would be super uncomfortable throughout the session. You made me feel so relaxed, I really didn't want the session to stop! 

I love that you did your homework. You seemed very prepared coming in to it, knowing the types of poses I was hoping for. You did just that - and beyond."


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