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All of my Wedding Photography Packages come with your choice of an engagement or bridal portrait session. 

For your engagement session; this is your time together. Tailor your engagement session to reflect your lives and history as a couple. Picking a place that has a lot of meaning to the two of you can be a great homage to your milestones (where you met, where you got engaged, your favorite spot, where you had your first date, etc.). Let your personalities shine through!

For your bridal portraits; after investing so much time and money into finding the perfect dress, you owe it to yourself to properly document your bridal look. This is the perfect time to put your trial hair and make-up to good use, and to try out a bouquet or flower crown.

Adventure is out there! I’m all for taking a road trip to get to a totally rad location. Let’s make a day of it and get to know one another whilst capturing some incredible memories.

  • Erin & Robby Engagement-5442
  • Erin & Robby Engagement-5431
  • Erin & Robby Engagement-5287
  • Erin & Robby Engagement-5276
  • Erin & Robby Engagement-5258
  • Erin & Robby Engagement-5220
  • Erin & Robby Engagement-5117
  • Erin & Robby Engagement-5051
  • Erin & Robby Engagement-5038
  • Bodiford-King Engagement-0202
  • Bodiford-King Engagement-0184
  • Bodiford-King Engagement-0173
  • Bodiford-King Engagement-0106
  • Bodiford-King Engagement-0009
  • RobertsMarsh-6087
  • RobertsMarsh-6019

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