Having an "Unplugged" Ceremony

What it is:

When the Bride & Groom request that their wedding guests keep their electronic devices (phones, tablets, cameras, etc.) put away for the ceremony.

Von Sternberg Wedding-9536

It allows your guests to fully be in the moment and experience this significant memory with you without being distracted.

You’ve paid for a professional who uses a professional-grade camera system.It keeps guests and their distracting devices out of your wedding photos.

There are two things where there is absolutely nothing that I can do to fix the situation:

-A flash from a guest photographer’s camera. There is rarely anything that will save the image, and no repositioning will change the outcome.

-Guests will sometimes get carried away with attempting to get their shot and may wonder into my own shot. If this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, then there is nothing I can do to recreate the moment once it has passed.

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You won’t have as many photos from your wedding day.You won’t have photos to look at as quickly. You can see guest photos almost as soon as they’re taken, which can be nice to look at when you’re on the flight to your honeymoon!

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