Bernadette & Jeremy Engagement-0545

October 16th, 2016 | Engagement Session | The Menil Collection | Houston, Texas

"Love is friendship that has caught fire"

There is a photo that you must look at in this blog post! It is the second black and white photo. Doesn't Jeremy totally look like Daniel Craig in James Bond?!?!?! It could just be me, but I fell like he has a serious Bond vibe going on in that photo, and Bernadette is the beautiful Bond girl. The resemblance is uncanny!

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, let me get into Bernadette and Jeremy's engagement session at The Menil. First of all, even though it was the second week of October, it was hot and humid! Bernadette and Jeremy were serious troopers though and moved into every pose like they were finding their missing puzzle piece again and again.

We started out in front of one of the bamboo walls near the entrance to The Menil Collection. Even though the grounds of The Menil were packed with photoshoots, the side with the entrance was completely deserted...probably because the sun was beating down directly on it, making it as hot as hades. It was totally worth it though and produced some really artistic lighting that fit well with the dramatic poses that Bernadette and I had in mind. From The Menil, we gradually made our way through the park and ended up on the grounds of the Rothko Chapel. I loved how much variety we encountered in our session. It kept a nice flow and made the shoot fly by in a breeze.

I cannot wait to document Bernadette and Jeremy's wedding at The Farmhouse in March. It is going to be BEAUTIFUL!!

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