Angel + Crystal

"It is happiness to wonder;

It is happiness to dream."

Edgar Allen Poe

If I had to sum up Angel and Crystal's adventure engagement session with one sentence, I would say this: It was definitely an adventure!

In addition to the main falls and rock formation at Pedernales Falls State Park, we had heard from some park volunteers that there was a small secluded waterfall down a short wooded trail in a different part of the park. We were warned to stick to the path as the area right next to the falls below the viewing platform was strictly off-limits. So as we waited for the sun to get a bit lower in the sky, we decided to hike this trail to find this small waterfall.

Our hike started off well, it was fairly well-marked and easy to traverse. About fifteen minutes into the hike, the trail got a bit more difficult and overgrown and we noticed that we weren't seeing the trail markers like we had in the beginning. It still looked like we were on the trail though, so we continued down the path. Another fifteen minutes later and we were seriously starting to question if we were still on the designated trail to the falls. So Angel, being the gentleman that he is, volunteered to go ahead and see if he could find the falls. Crystal and I waited for a little while until Angel came back saying that the waterfall was just a little ways ahead. So we followed him as he led us towards our goal....we hadn't gotten very far before it quickly became apparent that we were definitely no longer on the designated trail as we scaled the steep riverside trying to find purchase in the loose soil and not fall into the water below. We managed to make it, with Angel the gentleman spider-monkey keeping us ladies safe from falling.

When we finally made it to the little waterfall, it was so beautiful and tranquil. As we took in our surroundings, we looked up to notice the viewing platform that the trail was supposed to take us to about thirty feet up the steep hillside, subsequently realizing that we were in the off-limits restricted area at the falls. We figured that since we were already there that we might as well snag a few photos up close and personal with the falls before climbing our way up to the viewing platform above and getting back on the trail to head to the car. Since our detour had ended up taking us considerably longer than we had anticipated, we were only able to stay at the falls for a few minutes before making our way to the main falls in time to catch the golden hour.

Angel and Crystal have the kind of easygoing natural chemistry that makes my job a breeze. They're so comfortable with one another that I hardly had to pose them at all. All I had to do was gently give them guidance and they took it from there.

We managed to do some serious hiking that afternoon so after the session Crystal and Angel take me to Salt Lick BBQ, an Austin staple. They generously treated me to some of the most delicious barbecue Iv'e ever had in my life as well as some ice-cold Shiner Bock. And let me tell you, that refreshing Texas beer and BBQ was the cherry on my ice cream sundae after a day of hiking in the Texas Hill Country.

Thank you so much for adventuring with me and for the incredible Texas BBQ experience, Angel and Crystal! I am so excited for y'all and y'all's future together!

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