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September 17th, 2016 | Ashton Gardens West | Houston, TX

Gi and Heejae tied the knot on a beautiful sunny day complete with  puffy white clouds. You could not ask for more picturesque weather on your wedding day.

If I had to pick one word to describe Gi and Heejae, it would be sweet. Heejae is sweet, the way that Gi looks at Heejae is sweet, and their love for one another is beyond sweet.

I feel like I should share a quick preface here; before I became a photographer I would hardly ever cry. Some friends would even refer to me as being slightly cold when it came to expressing my emotions. Now I regularly tear up a couple of times behind my camera when shooting a wedding. I don't know what it is, but I feel more connected to the moments somehow.

So now with that being said, there were multiple moments in this wedding where I was tearing up because the emotional pull of the moment was so touchingly sweet.

I have been to several weddings where mid-ceremony the couple will step down from the alter to give a flower and a kiss to their parents and new in-laws. This has always been a favorite tradition of mine because of the significant meaning of this gesture. This was the first wedding I've attended where the couple stepped down from the alter to bow before their parents and new in-laws and then give them hugs. Gi and Heejae bowed showing respect and honor for their parents and the joining of their families. When Gi put his head to the cold tile of the chapel floor, honoring his old and new parents, I felt the weight of the moment grip my heart.

These heavy moments are the main reason why I love what I do and I am so grateful to my clients for letting me in on such intimate moments of their lives. Allowing me to capture these moments and turn them into tactile memories.

Gi and Heejae, I know that your marriage will be even sweeter and more special than your incredibly special wedding day. It is obvious to anyone who knows the two of you that y'all were made for one another, and I am so grateful that fate brought y'all together. 

Venue: Ashton Gardens West

Cake: P√Ętisserie Paris Je T'aime

DJ: Manny with JPL Entertainment

Florist: Floral Events

Hair and Makeup Artist: Jeanni Makeup

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