December 22nd, 2016 | Crystal Springs | Magnolia, TX

"I love you without knowing

how, or when, or from where.

I love you straightforwardly,

without complexities or pride;

so I love you because I know

no other way than this:

where I does not exist nor you,

so I close that your hand

on my chest is my hand,

so close that your eyes close

as I fall asleep."


Pablo Neruda

Rowan and Finn are old souls who have a maturity about their relationship that far exceeds their years on this Earth. Seeing them interact with each other, there can be no doubt about their utmost respect and love for one another. Witnessing their love and their vows to one another in front of their dearest family and friends touched my heart ever so sweetly.

The lighting for Rowan and Finn's ceremony and portraits was absolute GOLD. As previously mentioned in Rowan and Finn's engagement blog post, Finn has a background in videography and Rowan is a photographer herself. So needless to say, they live for that golden light. Mother Nature bestowed her wedding gift unto them and gave us the most beautiful sunlight peeking through the tall pine trees throughout the entire day. I cannot remember a single moment of bad light on their wedding day. Soon after we started the family formal portraits, Rowan and Finn requested that we take advantage of the incredible sunset for their newlywed portraits and resume the family formals, yes please!!! I am so grateful that Rowan and Finn put such a high priority on their wedding photography and videography. Thanks to their support and trust in myself and their videographers, Ready Set Film, they have some killer memories of their stunning wedding day.

My heartfelt congratulations goes out to the two of you and your marriage. I am so thankful for your trust and for your friendship.

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