"There are all

types of love

in this world

but never the

same love


~F. Scott


I had been looking forward to Sundas & Duy's engagement session ever since Sundas first told me about what she and Duy were wanting to do. She said that Duy was having a traditional Pakistani outfit made to honor Sundas' heritage, and that she was having a traditional Vietnamese dress made to honor Duy's heritage. She said that they wanted to focus on the blending of their cultures while honoring the country that they were raised in and love, America. How cool is that?! So Sundas and Duy braved the windy 26°F rooftop in Downtown Houston while wearing their thin traditional garb and celebrated the joining of their cultures. Love is incredible.

Featured on Secret Wedding Blog

Untitled photo
  • Taylor Elizabeth Photography

    on February 3, 2017

    Thanks, Kate :)

  • Kate Anthony

    on February 2, 2017

    Girl, these are gorgeous! I've been dying to see this whole set ever since you put the sneak on instagram. Stunning work my friend.

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