Sugar Land Animal Services

Sugar Land Animal Services is a hard working group of people who help with everything from animal control, stray rescue, reuniting lost pets with their owners, and adoptions for homeless pets. I have started volunteering my services as a photographer for the "Petopia" division of Sugar Land Animal Services. Petopia is responsible with finding new homes for the pets that remain unclaimed and are deemed suitable pets. 

Every pet whose picture I post is available for adoption to any loving home when I post their picture. If you fall in love with a pet whose picture you see here, and it turns out they've already been adopted, don't worry.  There are plenty of loving pets that need good homes.

Would you love to make a difference, but already have a full house? The two most valuable things you can donate are your time and your money.

Don't have excess money to donate to a cause? Then donate your time.

Don't have much time, but you have some extra cash? Then donate your money :) 

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