Helpful Tips for Your Session

With the exception of minor blemishes, for the most part I do not retouch, airbrush, or photoshop images. My passion with photography is rooted in capturing important moments and memories in your life as they truly are. I don't like to falsify my images and I believe that people are beautiful just the way they are, and that is how I like to capture them. 

The best time for taking outdoor photos is with in The Golden Hour, which is one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset.

Please visit this link to get a good idea of when the sun rises/sets in your area on the day of your desired session.

Try to avoid wearing any neon-bright colors, as the colors can reflect onto the skin.

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If wearing a dress, try to wear leggings, stockings, or shorts underneath to prevent accidental indecent exposure in certain poses.

If you are doing an outdoor shoot, try to wear practical shoes and dress accordingly.

If it's warm, try to wear something that breathes well in the heat.

If it's cold, then bundle up! Winter clothes look great in pictures!

 If it has been raining and might be muddy, then bring rain boots if you have them and possibly an umbrella.

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Moisturize, the night before and the morning of your shoot. No glitter/shimmer, please.

Try not to do radically different make-up or hair than what you would normally wear on a daily basis. A little extra eyeliner, mascara, blush, or lipstick is fine. We just don’t want to end up with that “caked-on” look. I can fix a blemish in post-processing lickity-split, but the caked-on makeup is difficult to correct.

If you have young children, try to bring something that entertains them (toys, books, etc.) that you wouldn’t mind having in pictures. Encourage them to pick flowers, autumn leaves, or anything else that you think would look good that's in the area of the photo shoot.

Feel free to bring any props/clothing that you might want to have in the photos: a blanket to sit on or wrap yourself up in, scarves, hats, umbrellas or other rain gear, toys, anything you would love to have in your photos.

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During the shoot, try to relax and have a good time!

Don’t be afraid to ask for a break if you need one.

Let me know if anything at all makes you feel uncomfortable right away! 

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I only have ONE RULE: Please don’t ask to see your photos on my camera. It disrupts the flow of the shoot and my personal work-flow.

If the timing is right, I will invite you to see a picture that I’ve taken on the back of my camera.

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