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On our way home from D.C., we made a little pit stop at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Virginia. We had already been there earlier in the week when we went to our friend Pat's funeral at the chapel next door. Pat loved history, and he loved the Marine Corps Museum. He had visited it many times and was always sharing pictures from his visits. Paul and I decided that a good way to keep his memory alive was to follow in his footsteps and do the same. So we spent the afternoon going through the many exhibits that showed everything from the Yellow Footprints, to the first war that the U.S. Marines fought in, all the way to the preview of their new wing that will showcase the Marines' involvement with the War on Terror.  It was an incredible museum and an incredible journey going through it.

A couple captions to go along with a couple of the photos:

- My incredibly sexy and muscular boyfriend Paul doing pull-ups....I do love his strong arms ;) 

- The picture that shows Paul touching some rubble....that rubble is a piece of the World Trade Center. And the picture of rubble after that is from the Pentagon. Pretty powerful moment there...

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