Monday, November 21st, 2016

"Little girls, this seems to say, 

Never stop upon your way.

Never trust a stranger-friend;

No one knows how it will end.

As you're pretty, so be wise;

Wolves may lurk in every guise.

Handsome they may be, and kind,

Gay or charming–never mind! 

Now, as then, 'tis simple truth–

Sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth!"

~Charles Perrault, Little Red Riding Hood

I am not a children's fantasy photographer. So when my friend Sherri inquired with me about photographing her precious daughter in a handmade Little Red Riding Hood costume, I was a little bit nervous that I wouldn't deliver what Sherri had in mind. My darker moodier style doesn't usually scream 'Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale'. Sherri assured me that she had thoroughly reviewed my portfolio and that I had the style that she was looking for for this shoot.

With Sherri's vote of confidence, I photographed this session staying true to my darker style and channeled my inner Brothers Grimm. As I have mentioned before in my FAQ page, I am a big believer in minimal editing and hardly ever use Photoshop on my images. So any sun flares or fairytale-like lighting that you see are just a result of truly stellar (and lucky) on-scene sunlight.

Whitney rocked the extraordinary outfit that her grandmother made especially for her, and Whitney's father's service dog Kyla (my boyfriend's service dog's sister) made the perfect Big Bad Wolf!! I had so much fun with this amazing family during this shoot, and I am so grateful that Sherri put her trust in me and helped me in this exercise of getting out of my comfort zone.

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