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I can't wait to hear your story!

I truly value my personal connections with my clients. Although I hold myself and my business to a high standard of professionalism, it is important to me that you don't just think of me as another vendor or business, but as a person. A person who deeply cares about her clients. A person who works hard every day to hone her craft and improve her business. A person who will pour her heart into documenting her clients' stories for them.

It is important to me that my clients connect with my work, extensively viewing my portfolio to ensure that they can trust me to document the most important and intimate moments of their lives. If my work evokes emotion in you when you look in it, then I would love for you to submit a formal inquiry by completing my contact form. Completion of this form is my first step towards getting to know you and form a connection with you and your story. 

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