How does renting the studio, AirBnB, or hotel work?

After you have officially booked me as your boudoir photographer, I will help you in figuring out what the best location is for our session based off of the vibe you’re wanting for your photos. If you have chosen a venue other than your home, I will have you book the venue for us after confirming the location, date, and time with me.

Is the studio space/venue included in your session price?

No, it is not. I love for my clients to have the flexibility of being able to choose whatever space  is the best fit for their aesthetic and budget. Some of my clients choose to have their session in their homes, on private property, or other free spaces. Most of my clients choose to rent natural light photography studios or boutique hotel rooms for their sessions. Therefore, upon booking I will work with my clients to figure out what space is the best option for their session based on these factors. If my clients wish to rent a space, I help with finding the best location options for them.

Do you provide hair and makeup for the session?

No, I do not. However upon booking I have several wonderful Hair and Makeup Artists that I love to recommend to my clients!

What is included in the minimal retouching that you offer

Minimal retouching includes the removal of minor blemishes (such as zits, scratches, bruises), I will not retouch or photoshop the images that I deliver to you. I want for your boudoir session to celebrate who you truly are. I do not edit stretch marks, wrinkles, tan lines, fake tans, or your body type/size.

What should I wear?

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance,” Coco Chanel

I recommend sticking to a minimalistic approach when looking at outfits for your boudoir session. When looking through your photos I want the main focus to be YOU; not chunky jewelry, loud prints, or stripper heels. At the end of the day, I want for you to wear whatever makes you feel sexy, beautiful, and empowered! I am happy to provide you with guidance in choosing your wardrobe, and please feel free to browse my portfolio for inspiration. I love when clients send me potential outfit choices to get my opinion!

Can I bring someone for moral support to my session?

No, I do not allow anyone to attend the session apart from the client and myself. It is so important to me that my clients feel comfortable during their sessions. I have found that although people think that having a friend around for support will help, that in reality it is a hindrance. The friends end up making my client more self-conscious and interrupt my flow with my client.

I worry that I may not have the right look or body type to be 'sexy' enough for a boudoir session.

Trust me. EVERYONE suffers from their own insecurities, and I was no exception before my own boudoir session. However, once I got my images back from my photographer, I couldn't get over just how empowered and sexy I felt. Looking at my gallery helped me see myself in a more self-loving way and I am SO glad that I did them. My photographer didn't make me look skinnier or remove my rolls or cellulite, but she helped me see that all of these things are more beautiful than I believed they were before.

It is my job as your photographer to guide you into flattering, sexy, and empowering poses for your session. I know how to highlight my clients assets in a tasteful and flattering light. Put your trust in me and follow my instructions and you'll be just fine. Embrace your beautiful body for what it is!

Will I get to meet you before our session?

Most likely, yes! Whenever it works with both of our schedules, I absolutely LOVE to treat my clients to a drink within the hour or two before our session. It gives us a chance to get to know one another as well as gradually ease into the session. If for some reason we are unable to meet for drinks, I’m always happy to schedule a phone call in the days leading up to our session so that we can chat for a bit.

You offer military, veteran, and first responder discounts. How do I know if I qualify for this discount?

I offer a 15% discount for our active duty military, our honorably discharged veterans, as well as our first responders. I defer to the Wikipedia definition of a "first responder" when determining who is qualified for the first responder discount, "A first responder is an employee of an emergency service who is likely to be among the first people to arrive at and assist at the scene of an emergency such as an accident, natural disaster, or terrorist attack." The following occupations are verified as First Responders: Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians (including EMTs, Paramedics, Medical Helicopter Pilots, and Flight Nurses). Discounts apply exclusively to the client, and does not extend to family members or friends of our military/first responders.

NOTE - The following unfortunately do not qualify for the First Responder Discount: Doctors, Registered Nurses, or other medical professionals, CERT Team Members (Community Emergency Response Team), VIPS - Volunteers in Police Service, Search and Rescue Team Members, Emergency Management Teams, Emergency Management Volunteers, Transportation Security Officer for TSA, Chaplains, Civilian Employees (Staff, Employees, Secretaries, Administrative Assistants, etc.), Coroner, Corrections Staff (Civilian Employees),  Crime Scene Analyst/Tech/Lab, Private Security Officers, Private Security Guards, Armed Security Guards / Officers, Victims Witness Assistants, Peace Corps, Highway Workers / Road Patrol, Forensic Services,   Social Workers, Hospital Employees 

Will you be sharing our session online?

After every session, I send an email out to my clients asking if they would be okay with me sharing any images or if they would prefer to keep their images private. Although I love being able to share the art that we create together, the privacy of my clients is important to me and I have nothing but respect for my clients who choose to keep their images private.

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